Managed Firewall and VPN

ChimeNet provides fully managed firewall security solutions that meet the specific needs of each client - regardless of size. A properly configured firewall acts as a protective barrier to keep destructive forces away from your mission-critical data. All of our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that their firewall is "locked down" and only trusted traffic is allowed to enter and exit their networks.

  • Procurement, installation, and configuration of your firewall. (Cisco ASA)
  • Comprehensive support of all features of your installed firewall platform.
  • Management of all authorized VPN tunnels. (VPN & Unlimited VPN service options only)
  • Complete written review of current security policies implemented on your firewall and proactive support to make any changes you deem appropriate. (VPN & Unlimited VPN service options only)
  • 24/7/365 support for any emergency problems or emergency changes to your firewall.
  • Next-business-day completion for all regular configuration changes.
  • Lifecycle management. We develop lifecycle strategies with our clients to insure their hardware, software, and maintenance contracts are current, and assist in hardware obsolescence planning.

Layering ChimeNet's managed VPN solution over a ChimeNet Managed WAN connection further enhances your network security. However, if your business has WAN connectivity from another provider, ChimeNet's managed VPN solution can greatly improve the security of your existing network.

Managed Firewall Service Lite VPN VPN - Unlimited
24 x 7 x 365 management and support X X X
Best practice device management X X X
Next Business Day (NBD) policy and configuration changes X X X
Upgrade and patch management X X X
SmartNet contract(s) management X X X
Management for (10) Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections (0-10 VPNS) Site-to-Site VPNs (IPSec) AND Client-to-Site VPNs (IPSec & SSL)   X X
Management for Unlimited Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections Site-to-Site VPNs (IPSec) AND Client-to-Site VPNs (IPSec & SSL)     X
Bi-annual managed firewall meeting. Includes firewall "health" report     X